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Intelligence is not information, but the product of evaluated information, valued for its currency and relevance rather than its detail or accuracy — in contrast to "data" which typically refers to precise or particular information, or "fact," which typically refers to verified information.
Active intelligence is treated as a constantly mutable component, or variable, within a larger equation of understanding the secret, covert, or otherwise private "intelligence" of an opponent, or competitor, to answer
questions or obtain advance warning of events and movements deemed to be important or otherwise relevant.
Business intelligence: Business intelligence (BI) refers to skills, knowledge, technologies, applications, risks, security issues and practices used to help a business to acquire a better understanding of market behavior and commercial context. For this purpose we undertake
the collection, integration, analysis, interpretation and presentation of business information.

Personnel intelligence: Human resources are key inputs for any business. Having the required intelligence to manage them properly helps the businesses conduct their business and avert unwanted problems. We help the businesses keep control of their personnel by providing key intelligence inputs.

Counter intelligence: Every business has a competitor. The competitor always keeps track of the others in the business, and may carryout activities prejudicial to the financial and commercial interests of his rivals. We help businesses competitors out.
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